Tänze des Universellen Friedens

"Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving-  it doesn't matter, Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times, Come, come again, come.”


Welcome to the German Dance Camp

We look forward to seeing or getting to know each other again in the great camp community this year at the 28th Dance Camp from Saturday, 7/27 to Saturday, 8/3/2024
in the youth hostel Lauterbach/Thüringen, near Eisenach. (closest airports are Frankfurt/Main or Berlin)

Please be aware that our camp is in German. We do not translate the dance sessions. You might find friends for partial translation… but it may need some steps forward…

They can only come after consultation with the camp organization. We need a contact person present at camp.

The proceeds from the camp go to support the German Network for the Dances of Universal Peace (NDL e.V.).

Camp fees for 7 days

  Solidarity price Normal price Support price
Adults 400 € 300 € 200 €
Young people
(in training)
220 € 185 € 150 €
Kids (3-14 years) 120 € 100 € 80 €

Our prices are deliberately kept low. The price for participation in the camp is staggered:

With the solidarity price, you support us in offering participation in the camp at a lower price to other people who have less money at their disposal. The support price is intended for people with low incomes. Or for people who have less time to join the programme with small children. Please assess for yourself/yourselves what is possible.

Please pay as much as you can according to your self-assessment. The proceeds of this camp go directly to the development and maintenance of the NDL e.V. (Network of the Dances of Universal Peace in the German-speaking countries).

Costs for catering for 7 days

Costs for meals Adults
from 18 years
13-17 years
3-12 years
Full vegetarian service - House 185 € 185 € 90 €

Costs of Accommodation for 7 days

Costs for Accommodation Adults
from 18 years
13-17 years
3-12 years
shared room
with own bathroom
205 € 205 € 100 €
Tree house
No bathroom
160 € 160 € 80 €
own tent 80 € 40 € 40 €

When registering, please fill in your preferences for accommodation and catering. We will do our best to fulfill everyone’s wishes – but ask for your understanding if some wishes cannot be fulfilled, if they are already booked. Children under 3 are free. We recommend an early booking, as the camp is every year fully booked.

Information and Registration:

Monika and Edgar Wältermann
Kuckucksbadstrasse 7 – 79283 Bollschweil - GERMANY
Tel.: +49 (0) 7633 9237671
Contact: campanmeldung@friedenstaenze.de

Contact: campleitungsteam@friedenstaenze.de